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Understand the identity of any Ethereum or ENS address, on any website, in one click!

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How does it work?

How does it work?

The Tally Chrome extension is an open-source community extension for Chrome that turns any Ethereum address or ENS address on a website into a dynamic portal for information.

Simply hover the address or ENS to get a Tally popup that lists the owners Tally Profile, NFTS, POAPS, Tokens and transaction history- all in one place. No more copy pasting addresses or switching tabs to check Etherscan!

Why is it better?

The Old Way

Want to discover the identity of an Ethereum address or ENS address on a webpage? 

The old way requires copying and pasting addresses in different apps and block explorers to discover very simple information.

It's time consuming, frustrating and sucks.

Why is it better?

The New Way

Hover an Ethereum address or ENS address on a webpage, a convenient Tally modal pops up linking to their Tally Profile, showing all their NFTs, POAPS, Tokens, and transaction history all in one place!

We are on GitHub

Open Source!

Want to add your own API? Share information from your protocol? Tally Chrome Extension is completely opensource. Add a PR with a new feature!

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Why is it better?


Tally Logo

Let’s you inspect the users DAO participation


See what events they have attended, click through directly to the POAP Page

OpenSea Logo

Discover what NFTS they are holding by clicking through directly to OpenSea

No more searching etherscan! Recent account activity is available in the popup.

Is this address a whale? See their Token balances all in one place.

Community Oriented

The extension is open source and we welcome community contributions. Long term community participants may be eligible for rewards for having contributed to the extension.  Have an idea? Want to see a new feature? Jump into the discord to share!

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